The 4 Unbeatable Benefits Of Mechanical Shears

11 Sep

It is not a misnomer to say that we are living in the steel age. It is one metal that seems to be everywhere, whether it is the furniture in your home, decorative items as part of interiors, stair cases, utensils, you name it and they are made up of a variety of steel these days. Playing a huge role behind this sheet metal revolution have been the mechanical shears.

In this day and age of cutting edge technology, one may ask whether it makes any sense to use these machines. The answer is a resounding “Yes”, because of the several advantages that they offer.
Easy to set up One of the biggest advantages that a shear offers is that it is quick to set up. All that you need to do call up and place an order with a reputable supplier. The machine can be set up in really quick time, which is not always the case with a hydraulically operated shear machine.

Ease of use
Ease of use and whmis training is another key advantage offered by these types of shears. The overall design of the machine is such that it can be operated easily. Typically, these machines consist of a shear table, whether the mild steel or alloy steel that needs to be sheared is placed. There is a holding device which keeps the workpiece in place. Then there are the blades. For larger shears, the blades are usually placed at an angle. This enables them to cut shear the metal plate from one side, gradually moving and ending up on the other side. There is a gauging device, which helps determine whether the cutting process is going on accurately.
High speed machines
Another key reason for the popularity of mechanical shears is the fact that these machines allow for high speeds, without compromising on the accuracy front. The latest models of shears come with automatic lubrication systems that enable their high speed and powerful performance.
Make economic sense
Lower operating costs, as compared to the hydraulic machines, is another advantage with mechanical shears. For relatively smaller pieces of material, it takes only a couple of minutes for these mean machines to make an accurate cut. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to use a higher end hydraulically operated machine for the same purpose.